Go Beyond the Silos: Oracle C2M Unifies Data Flow for Utilities


Streamlined Integration for a Complex Ecosystem

Many utilities face a challenge: disparate systems hindering data flow and operational efficiency. Legacy solutions like TIBCO and MULE ESBs create data silos, making it difficult to achieve a unified view of customer information and streamline processes.


C2M Hub – A Symphony of Integrations

Tekgeminus partnered with a leading utility company to implement a next-generation integration platform built on Oracle’s C2M (Customer to Meter) solution. C2M acts as a central hub, seamlessly unifying Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC), and Oracle Managed File Transfer (MFT). This powerful combination delivers:

  • Comprehensive Integration Management: C2M provides a centralized platform for managing all integrations, simplifying operations and reducing complexity. 
  • Unified Data Flow: Data flows smoothly between various applications – decision support systems (DSS), customer engagement systems (CES), interactive voice response (IVR), and customer experience platforms (CxPerview) – thanks to Oracle SOA’s data conversion and transformation capabilities. 
  • Low-Code Integration with OIC: OIC empowers business users to build integrations between mobile applications and the C2M backend with minimal coding, fostering agility and rapid development. 
  • Secure and Reliable File Transfer: MFT ensures secure and error-free file transfers between internal and external systems, safeguarding sensitive data. 
  • Enhanced Security & Access Control: Integration with Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) provides robust OAuth authentication and service-level authorization, further strengthening security. 

Technology for a Connected Future

  • Oracle Cloud Integration (OIC): Low-code integration platform for rapid development. 
  • Oracle API Gateway: Manages and secures APIs for seamless data exchange. 
  • Oracle C2M: Centralized hub for unified integration management. 
  • Oracle MFT: Secure and reliable file transfer solution. 
  • Azure DevOps (formerly Azure ADO): Streamlines story creation and defect management. 
  • Testing Tools: Postman and SOAP UI ensure comprehensive API testing and system performance optimization. 

Collaboration for Seamless Operations

By collaborating with the utility company, Tekgeminus delivered a future-proof C2M integration platform that breaks down data silos and fosters a more connected ecosystem. This solution empowers the utility company to streamline operations, improve data visibility, and ultimately enhance customer service.

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