About Tekgeminus

A Synergy Of Eastern Philosophy & Western Tech-Savviness

Being Tekgeminus

Bringing The Best Of Two Worlds

Fortified, We Forge Forward

Tekgeminus emerges as the avant-garde hub of technology simplification on the global stage. Our mission revolves around delivering exceptional software solutions that consistently surpass customer expectations. With a strong focus on an integrated approach, Tekgeminus has strategically established its presence across five key continents, including Australia, Europe, and Africa. Boasting extensive hands-on experience in the Utilities, CIS and telecom industries, our team possesses a formidable advantage in providing cutting-edge technology services across diverse domains.

We are a perfect blend of a holistic approach and tech-savvy people. Our objective is to connect the world in a better way and enhance the ecosystem by bringing everyone on the same page.

Differentiating Every Service

Enhanced onsite and offsite productivity

Blend of senior technologists and young enthusiasts

Better internal

Improved business development and investments

An Agnostic Approach
That Work Wonders

Ours is an agnostic mindset, unbiased towards any specific technology and adaptable to new approaches with open arms. We first understand our client’s needs and offer them tailored end-to-end solutions. We ensure that more than the bleeding-edge tech, clients benefit from the most suitable technologies capable to solve their problems. We support this with a thorough analysis to avoid any vendor lock-ins.

A Team
That Transcends The Trite


Piyush Desai


Kalpesh Desai

Cheif Architect

Aftab Alam