Go Beyond Single channels: Utility integrates IVR, mobile & web for an omni-channel experience.

Multi-Channel Customer Experience Integration

Tekgeminus partnered with an electric utility company to deliver a comprehensive omni-channel experience for their customers. This project revamped Interactive Voice Response (IVR), mobile app, and web portal functionalities, along with the backend systems and infrastructure, to create a seamless experience across all touchpoints. 

Unified Channels, Empowered Customers

The project achieved the following key objectives: 

  • Flawless Customer Experience: Created a unified platform that delivers a smooth and consistent experience for individual customers, regardless of their chosen channel (IVR, mobile app, or web). 
  • Proactive Communication: Enabled proactive communication initiatives to keep customers informed. 
  • Omnichannel Convenience: Empowered customers to manage their accounts and access services conveniently through any channel, at their own pace. 
  • Social Responsibility Focus: Provided core functionalities to support new programs and solutions that benefit both the company’s Energy Assistance Services (ESS) and partner agencies focused on assisting underprivileged communities. 
  • Improved Efficiency: Consolidated architecture, leveraged cloud capabilities, and implemented increased automation across various processes (testing, deployment, etc.) to reduce turnaround time for enhancements and production support. 
  • Custom API Integration: Developed performant, lightweight custom C2M APIs to facilitate seamless data exchange between the channels and the backend systems for account management, billing, payments, service requests, and ESS/Agency interactions. 

Technology for a Unified Experience

Tekgeminus implemented a robust technology stack to ensure a feature-rich and scalable omni-channel solution: 

  • Backend Platform: Oracle C2M as the core data management platform. 
  • Cloud Infrastructure: Utilized a combination of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) for scalability and flexibility. 
  • Cloud Services: Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS) and Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) for efficient cloud-based development and secure access management. 
  • Frontend Development: 
  • Web Client: React framework for a dynamic and user-friendly web interface. 
  • Mobile App (assumed): Likely developed using native or cross-platform mobile frameworks (not mentioned in the provided information). 
  • Scripting: Perl and Shell scripting for various automation tasks. 
  • Integrations: Seamless integration with external systems like payment gateways, energy trackers, email delivery services (Sendgrid), Order Management System (OMS), and C2M. 
  • Development & Management: 
  • Deployment: Jenkins for automated deployment pipelines. 
  • Project Management: Jira for issue tracking and management, along with Xray for test management and Confluence for documentation. 
  • Testing & Quality Assurance: 
  • Automation Testing: Cypress for automated functional testing. 
  • Security Testing: snyk for security vulnerability assessment. 
  • Performance Testing: JMeter for performance optimization. 
  • Incident Management: ServiceNow for managing service requests and incidents, alongside Jira for issue tracking. 

Collaboration for Customer Success

By collaborating with the electric utility company, Tekgeminus delivered a future-proof omni-channel solution that empowers customers, streamlines interactions, and supports social responsibility initiatives. This comprehensive platform provides a unified experience for customers, regardless of their preferred channel, and fosters stronger relationships between the company and the communities it serves. 

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