Go Beyond Notifications: Proactive Outage Management Informs and Empowers Customers

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Keeping Customers Informed During Outages

Electric utilities face the challenge of keeping customers informed during power outages. Traditional methods, like relying solely on phone calls, can be slow and overwhelming during large-scale events.


Streamlined Outage Management with Real-Time Updates 

Tekgeminus partnered with an electric utility company to implement a robust Service Notification Engine. This system goes beyond basic notifications to provide a comprehensive outage management solution: 

  • Faster Response Times: Real-time outage detection allows for quicker dispatch of repair crews, minimizing customer downtime. 
  • Improved Customer Communication: Automatic notifications are delivered through multiple channels (WEB/IVR/CES/MOBILE) keeping customers informed. 
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Real-time updates on outage status and estimated restoration times help manage customer expectations and improve overall satisfaction. 

Technology for Connected Communication 

Tekgeminus implemented a scalable and reliable technology stack: 

  • Integration Platform: TIBCO BusinessWorks acts as the central hub, seamlessly connecting various channels (WEB/IVR/CES/MOBILE) with backend systems like SAP HANA and core internal applications. 
  • Real-Time Data Delivery: TIBCO Enterprise Messaging Services ensure reliable data transmission for timely notifications. 
  • Multi-Channel Communication: The system integrates with diverse notification channels: 
  • Genesys: Facilitates phone and SMS outage notifications. 
  • iFactor: Enables push notifications for real-time updates on mobile devices. 
  • Oracle Responsys: Delivers real-time email notifications. 
  • Database Integration: 
  • SAP HANA: In-memory database provides high-performance data storage and retrieval. 
  • Oracle Database: May be used for additional data storage needs. 

Deployment & Management 

  • Deployment: Jenkins manages the application deployment lifecycle. 
  • Version Control: SVN ensures code version control. 
  • Quality Assurance: HP-ALM (now Micro Focus ALM) streamlines defect management. 
  • Testing & Performance: Postman, SOAP UI, JMeter, and Load Runner are used for comprehensive testing and performance optimization. 

Collaboration for Customer Focus 

By collaborating with the electric utility company, Tekgeminus delivered a next-generation outage management solution. This system empowers the company to proactively communicate with customers during outages, fostering trust and improving customer satisfaction. 

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