Go Beyond Legacy: React-powered self-service portal enhances customer experience.

Utility Self-Service Portal

Tekgeminus partnered with a leading utility company to develop a modern self-service portal that empowers their customers with a user-friendly platform for managing their accounts. This project replaces a legacy system, marking a significant leap forward in customer experience. 

Enhanced Functionality, Streamlined Experience

The React-powered portal offers a range of features to simplify account management for individuals and businesses: 

  • Account Management: Create web user accounts, manage meter connections (connect, disconnect, reconnect), and view usage data with flexible filtering options (graphical and tabular formats). 
  • Billing Control: Easily make modifications to billing plans. 
  • Outage Reporting: Report power outages conveniently through the portal. 

Modern Technology for a Modern Experience 

Tekgeminus leveraged a cutting-edge technology stack to deliver a feature-rich and user-friendly portal: 

  • Frontend Development: React.js for a dynamic and interactive user interface. 
  • API Integration: GraphQL acts as a middleware layer, facilitating efficient communication between the frontend and backend systems. 
  • Backend Integration: The portal seamlessly integrates with the existing backend for data access and manipulation. 
  • Version Control & Management: GIT ensures code version control, while JIRA streamlines story creation and defect management. 
  • Testing & Performance: Tools like Postman and SOAP UI enable comprehensive API testing and system performance optimization. 

Collaboration for Customer Satisfaction

By collaborating with the utility company, Tekgeminus delivered a next-generation self-service portal that empowers customers, streamlines account management tasks, and enhances the overall customer experience. This React-powered platform provides increased control and convenience, marking a significant departure from the limitations of the legacy system. 

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