Go Beyond legacy: API-led integration boosts agility and scalability.

Modern Integration for Legacy Systems: API-led Architecture

Tekgeminus delivers a future-proof solution for integrating legacy systems through a cutting-edge API-led architecture. This approach empowers businesses to move beyond point-to-point integrations and unlock the benefits of reusable APIs for enhanced agility and scalability.

Unlocking Agility and Scalability

The implemented API-led architecture offers several key advantages: 

  • Reusable APIs: Centralized and reusable APIs streamline integration efforts and reduce development time. 
  • Real-time Communication: The ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) layer facilitates seamless and real-time data exchange between diverse systems. 
  • Standardized Data Model: A consistent data structure simplifies integration and future system upgrades/replacements. 
  • Increased Scalability: The API-led approach enables easier integration of new functionalities and applications as business needs evolve. 

Technology for Modern Integration

Tekgeminus leveraged a powerful technology stack to deliver a robust and scalable integration solution: 

API Gateway: TIBCO BusinessWorks acts as the central platform for designing, developing, and managing APIs that connect various internal applications. 

API Development: Java is used to develop and implement the APIs. 

Deployment & Management: 

  • Jenkins manages the application deployment lifecycle. 
  • SVN ensures code version control. 
  • HP-ALM (now Micro Focus ALM) streamlines defect management. 

Testing & Performance: Tools like Postman, SOAP UI, JMeter, and Load Runner are used for comprehensive API testing and system performance optimization. 

Collaboration for Future-Proof Integration

By collaborating with clients, Tekgeminus delivers API-led integration solutions that unlock agility, scalability, and future-proof system connectivity. This approach empowers businesses to leverage their existing technology investments while enabling seamless integration of new applications and functionalities as they grow. 

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