Go Beyond Field Activities: Comprehensive application expedites operations.

Customer Engagement System (CES) Enhancement

Tekgeminus partnered with an electric utility company to enhance their Customer Engagement System (CES), resulting in a comprehensive application that streamlines operations and empowers customer service agents. 

Empowering Agents, Enhancing Efficiency

The upgraded CES delivers a range of features that improve both customer experience and agent productivity: 

360° Customer View: Agents have access to a comprehensive customer profile, including billing and payment history, contact information, and communication preferences. 

Streamlined Account Management: Manage customer accounts and web profiles efficiently. 

End-to-End Service Management: A consolidated platform for handling customer connection, disconnection, reconnection, and transfer requests. 

Improved Communication & Collaboration: 

  • Cisco Telephony Integration: Seamlessly redirect calls, log contact history, and track navigation within the CRM. 
  • Outbound Correspondence: Create and manage correspondence templates, personalize communication based on customer preferences, and deliver communications through various channels (mail, email, SMS, push notifications). 

Workforce Management: 

  • Work Queue Management: Prioritize and automatically assign work orders to agents based on skillset, generate reports, and manage work queues. 
  • Agent Skillset Management: Categorize agents according to skillsets for efficient task allocation. 

Knowledge Center: A comprehensive knowledge base empowers agents with readily available information to: 

  • Reduce Call Duration: Quickly access relevant knowledge articles for faster issue resolution. 
  • Improve Customer Interactions: Utilize scripted talking points for effective customer communication. 

Automated Processes: Batch processes handle daily tasks including: 

  • Bill generation 
  • Scheduled correspondence dispatch 
  • Meter reading data intake 
  • Work order allocation 

Technology for Enhanced Operations

Tekgeminus leveraged a robust technology stack to deliver a feature-rich and efficient CES: 

Core Platform: Verint Customer Engagement System (CES) 

Customization & Integration: Java development for customizing CES processes and integrating with third-party applications. 

API Integration: RESTful APIs for seamless data exchange. 

Telephony Integration: Cisco telephony integration for enhanced call management. 

Document Management: IBM-P8 for document storage and correspondence management. 

Bill Generation & Storage: On-Demand platform for automated bill generation and storage. 

Deployment & Management: 

  • Jenkins for managing the application deployment lifecycle. 
  • SVN for version control. 

Quality Assurance: 

  • HP-ALM (now Micro Focus ALM) for defect management. 

Testing & Performance: Tools like Postman, SOAP UI, and JMeter ensure comprehensive application testing and performance optimization. 

Collaboration for Success

By collaborating with the electric utility company, Tekgeminus transformed their CES into a comprehensive solution that empowers agents, streamlines operations, and ultimately enhances customer satisfaction. This feature-rich platform equips agents with the tools and information they need to deliver exceptional customer service.

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