Go Beyond Customer Service: New agency portal unlocks efficient customer support.

Empowering Agencies, Enhancing Support

The Agency Portal provides a user-friendly platform for CRAs to: 

  • Gain Account Insights: Easily access current bills, bill history, payment history, and agency commitment history for their clients. 
  • Simplify Payment Commitments: Quickly make payment commitments directly on the customer’s account within the portal. 

Technology for Efficiency 

Tekgeminus leveraged a robust technology stack to ensure a feature-rich and efficient Agency Portal: 

  • Development Platform: Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS) for a user-friendly web interface. 
  • API Integration: An API gateway facilitates seamless communication with C2M for retrieving customer data and creating payment events. 
  • Data Management: Oracle C2M serves as the core data platform for customer account information. 
  • Version Control & Automation: Oracle Visual Builder Studio enables Git version control and a CI/CD pipeline for streamlined development and deployment. 
  • Project Management: Jira facilitates story creation and efficient defect management. 
  • Testing & Performance: Tools like Postman and SOAP UI ensure comprehensive API testing and system performance optimization. 

Collaboration for Improved Outcomes

By collaborating with the electric utility company, Tekgeminus delivered a solution that empowers CRAs and enhances the overall customer support experience. The Agency Portal streamlines information access, simplifies payment commitments, and fosters collaboration between the utility company and CRAs, ultimately benefiting their clients. 

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