Go Beyond System Defaults: C2M Web Service Streamlines SSM Processes for Utilities

The traditional utility landscape, with its siloed systems and cumbersome processes, is rapidly transforming. Oracle’s C2M web service implementation provides a comprehensive solution, streamlining Start, Stop, and Move (SSM) functionalities for utilities. This article explores how Tekgeminus empowers utilities to surpass the limitations of legacy systems and deliver an exceptional customer experience through SSM Processes. 

C2M:A Complete Utility Solution

C2M stands as a one-stop shop for utilities, encompassing customer care, service orders, metering, and billing within a single, integrated system. This eliminates the need for multiple, disparate applications, simplifying operations and enhancing data consistency. 

Upgraded Self-Service and API Access

The C2M web service implementation delivers a modernized self-service portal, empowering customers with the ability to initiate, stop, and manage their services directly through a user-friendly interface. Additionally, native SOAP services have been transitioned to RESTful APIs, ensuring seamless integration with contemporary applications and mobile platforms. 

Ensuring Core Functionalities

The C2M web service remains steadfast in upholding the integrity of critical features. This includes functionalities like customer search, premise validation, registration, and web self-service access. Furthermore, the SSM SOAP logic has been meticulously maintained throughout the REST API conversion, guaranteeing a smooth transition for existing processes. 

Enhanced Customer Experience

C2M takes customer centricity to the next level by introducing automated customer setup and advanced logic for processing multiple service start requests simultaneously. This translates to faster service activations and reduced wait times for customers. 

Move Service Goes Digital

The C2M web service grants customers the ability to manage service relocation requests directly through the web portal, eliminating the need for traditional phone calls or paper-based applications. 

Maintaining Data Synchronization

C2M ensures consistent data across the web portal and C2M application by implementing an SSM data synchronization functionality. This guarantees that both platforms reflect the latest customer information and service requests. 

Adaptability Across Interfaces

Recognizing the diverse preferences of today’s consumers, C2M offers conditional support for core SSM functionalities on mobile apps and Interactive Voice Assistant (IVA) platforms. This ensures that customers can conveniently manage their services through their preferred interface, fostering a truly omnichannel experience. 

Seamless Integration

C2M integrates seamlessly with 27 external applications, including Geographic Information Systems (GIS), payment gateways, and credit bureaus like Experian. This comprehensive integration streamlines workflows and eliminates the need for manual data entry, improving operational efficiency and data accuracy. 

Technology Stack

The C2M web service leverages a robust technology stack to deliver exceptional performance and manageability. This includes Oracle Utilities C2M, Groovy scripting for process enhancements, and Oracle SQL Developer for database development. Cloud-based infrastructure is provided by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), while API integration is facilitated by REST wrappers. Performance testing is ensured through JMeter, and test automation is achieved using Cypress and OUTA tools. Jira and Confluence provide a centralized platform for issue tracking, project management, and knowledge sharing. Deployment processes are streamlined using Mycelium Software EDMS and Jenkins, while version control is maintained using SVN. Additional utilities like Postman and SOAP UI aid in application testing.

TekGeminus Delivers Success with C2M Web Service Implementation

In this project, TekGeminus successfully implemented the C2M web service, empowering a utility to transcend the limitations of legacy systems and deliver an exceptional customer experience. Through a combination of innovative features, seamless integration, and a robust technology stack, TekGeminus paved the way for a more efficient, customer-centric future for the utility. This successful implementation exemplifies TekGeminus’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that transform business processes. 

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