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Beyond Charging Stations: Tekgeminus’ Case Study on Fostering a Comprehensive EV Ecosystem

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Beyond Charging Stations: Tekgeminus’ Case Study on Fostering a Comprehensive EV Ecosystem

Executive Summary:

This case study explores the implementation of the Tekgeminus EV Charger Program for a large Electric Utility in Northwest USA. The program tackled the key challenge of decentralized rebate management and facilitated widespread EV adoption.

Previously, manual processes across multiple systems hindered tracking rebate eligibility and triggering accurate incentive delivery. The Tekgeminus program addressed this by streamlining the process. It utilized a user-friendly web portal, efficient vendor management, and round robin assignment mechanisms for charger installation, but most importantly, it automated equipment tracking and integrated it with rebate management.
This not only streamlined workflows but also ensured accurate incentive delivery based on real-time eligibility determination. This focus on integrated rebate management played a crucial role in driving EV adoption alongside the other program features. 

Challenge: Accelerating the transition to electric vehicles requires robust charging infrastructure and seamless user experiences. This program addressed the complexity of integrating multiple stakeholders (customers, vendors, and utilities), device compatibility checks, and job scheduling optimization. 

Solution: Tekgeminus deployed a web portal for program enrollment, charger selection, rebate applications, and installation scheduling. Streamlined vendor onboarding processes simplified payments and settlements. A round robin vendor assignment mechanism ensured fair distribution of workload and timely installations. 

Solution Mapping – Charger Listing/BYOD

Optimized the process through Maximo’s asset management, ensuring real-time availability for C2M’s customer portalStreamlined rebate enrolment and quote acceptance further empower a smooth transition to electric mobility.

Solution Mapping – EV Enrollment

Adopting the V-model at Vendor Onboarding streamlines the integration of C2M. C2M then initiates the processes of quote generation, Case management, Device allocation, and Rebate creation. Ultimately, at web portal the nodal processes of quote acceptance and charger selection are made.

Solution Mapping – EV Charger Installation

Empowering choices, streamlining operations, and fostering transparency through an interconnected customer, C2M, and workforce ecosystem. Every step optimized for a smooth and efficient EV charger installation journey.


  • Improved Customer Experience: The user-friendly portal empowered customers to choose chargers, apply for incentives, and schedule installations effortlessly.
  • Enhanced Vendor Management: Round robin assignment optimized job scheduling, boosted efficiency, and ensured timely installations.
  • Increased EV Adoption: Streamlined processes and incentives (rebates and loans) encouraged community-wide EV charger adoption.
  • Decreased manual overhead: Centralizing the process by implementing automation for tracing and monitoring EV charger installations, handling invoices and payments, triggering and implementing Program enrollment processes, and registering service in the billing system. This brings CRM, C2M and Vendor Apps under one umbrella.

Key Learnings:

  • Stakeholder Engagement: Effective communication and collaboration are crucial for success.
  • Vendor Streamlining: Efficient onboarding and payment processes enhance program effectiveness.
  • Technology Leverage: Web portals and assignment mechanisms can improve customer experience and operational efficiency.
  • Managing Rebates: Manual updates across systems hinder efficient application management. Linking assets, flags, and rebates to equipment level streamlines processes and opens revenue opportunities.
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