The landscape of field service has undergone significant changes, and it’s time to address a long-standing challenge that predates the pandemic. As field service tasks become more intricate, the labor force is dwindling, posing a threat to organizations that rely on skilled personnel. To bridge this gap, companies must equip their technicians with advanced tools and capabilities. But how can they do this effectively?

Embracing innovative technologies like OFS/OFSC is the key to simplifying and automating field service processes. Think of knowledge management tools, digital assistants, and the wealth of data from the Internet of Things (IoT) that can empower field service workers to tackle complex issues efficiently and with greater agility.

Amidst this evolving landscape, it is crucial to partner with field service management solution providers committed to continuous innovation. This means seeking out solutions that seamlessly integrate with the entire service lifecycle, facilitating various tasks from billing at customer sites to real-time part location and ordering for on-site technicians. The goal is to ensure that the new workforce, regardless of experience, has access to the necessary tools and guidance to deliver consistent and high-quality service.

Take the example of a workflow manager, which not only guides technicians through complex tasks but also provides a visual representation of their progress, even in areas with limited connectivity. This tool enables field service managers to monitor ongoing activities without interrupting the technician, enhancing overall efficiency and communication within the team.

Optimizing Field Service Mangement with OFS cover

Optimizing field service management with OFS comes with many advantages, some of them have been listed below.

Automation creates business success.

AI-powered routing and scheduling engine optimizes field resource utilization, minimizing overtime and travel costs. It completely automates work request scheduling and re-evaluates throughout the day to help meet business requirements and exceed customer expectations.

Orchestrate service requests with ease.

Ensure compliance effortlessly with comprehensive, up-to-the-minute visibility into technician location and job status. Seamlessly adjust, deliver, or modify coverage for unplanned or emergency service events without interrupting current schedules. Supervisors, dispatchers, and administrators can access a full range of capabilities, including configuration and system tools, on any device through a modern and user-friendly interface.

Empower your field technicians.

With Oracle Field Service, your mobile workforce has everything they need to excel. They can use data from IoT-connected assets to pinpoint issues accurately and collaborate with their peers and managers. The system also allows them to streamline tasks using intelligent workflows and keep track of important details like SLAs, inventory levels, and safety requirements effortlessly.

Predict service needs with IoT.

Using data from connected assets automates service events and prevents disruptions. Field technicians have access to IoT data, enabling them to diagnose and resolve issues swiftly and precisely.

Capture service details on-site

Simplify your service request or work order fulfillment procedures. Record asset, inventory, billing, compliance, and other pertinent details swiftly and effortlessly on-site. Update service information instantly to ensure synchronization across both front- and back-office systems. Engage with customers after the service and capture any necessary authorizations or signatures for the work completed.

Collaborate and accelerate complex issue resolution.

Get quick access to on-demand solutions from your knowledge library, resolving any issue, no matter how simple or complex. Collaborate with colleagues by initiating group messages and video chats with support teams to leverage institutional knowledge and expertise.

Quickly respond when emergencies occur.

AI-powered assignment assistant locates and assigns the most qualified and available resources to handle emergencies based on the severity of need, while maintaining existing work schedules and keeping all other projects on track.

Keep customers informed and in control.

Keep customers informed through email and/or SMS updates, enabling them to track technician status in real-time, regardless of their location. Offer customers access to their service experience details and facilitate direct communication with technicians or the option to reschedule service appointments.

Simplify the collection of customer feedback through brief surveys, providing valuable insights into outcomes, customer sentiments, and extended support for those in need.

To optimize field service management, focus on leveraging automation for streamlined operations, orchestrating service requests seamlessly, empowering field technicians with the right tools, predicting service needs with IoT, capturing on-site details efficiently, and accelerating issue resolution through collaborative efforts. Additionally, prioritize swift responses during emergencies, utilize broadcast notifications for effective communication, and keep customers informed and in control throughout the service process.


In today’s evolving field service landscape, the demand for streamlined operations and efficient solutions has never been more crucial, especially within the utilities sector. Tekgeminus, with its expertise in implementing Oracle Field Service (OFS), stands as a key partner in ensuring seamless and effective management of critical field operations for utility companies.

Through our tailored integration of OFS, utilities can experience a comprehensive transformation in their service management approach. By harnessing the power of OFS’s automation and predictive capabilities, Tekgeminus enables utilities to optimize resource utilization, minimize downtime, and ensure swift and accurate responses to critical service needs. This ultimately leads to enhanced operational efficiency, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction, all vital components for maintaining a competitive edge in the utilities industry.

Our collaborative approach emphasizes real-time communication and knowledge sharing, empowering field technicians to deliver prompt and precise solutions. With TekGeminus’s implementation of OFS, utilities can anticipate and respond to service needs proactively, thus ensuring uninterrupted service delivery and an enhanced customer experience.

By partnering with Tekgeminus for the integration of Oracle Field Service, utilities can navigate the challenges of a dynamic field service environment with confidence, efficiency, and an unwavering commitment to superior service delivery.

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