There is a famous quote ‘The only thing that is constant is change’. The principles of this saying can be applied to any aspect that you can think of, including business. However, what should not change is the ‘core fundamentals’ on which the very foundation is laid.

Yes, you read it right. We have changed but the values & principles remain unchanged. On the first auspicious day of the great festival of lights, charm, positivity, productivity, and bliss i.e. Diwali in India, we unveiled our new identity – TekGeminus

Our well-wishers know as Bohiyaanam in India and ITS in the US & Canada, so who are we? We are sure that our customers, employees, and partners are curious to know about the story behind TekGeminus! We won’t keep you gasping, so let’s unfold the mystery…

The birth of our baby – TekGeminus

First things first, what does TekGeminus mean? The name TekGeminus is inspired by ‘Gemini’, the Zodiac sign which is represented by the twins, Castor and Pollux, to indicate the enduring nature of the merger and robust conviction behind it. The name has ‘inus’ as its suffix, created from a portmanteau of India and the US.

Tekgeminus logo

Our new identity speaks aloud about our values and represents an organization that dares to defy the preconceived notions with a well-conceived purpose.

What’s in that ‘I’ and ‘U’?

The edges in the ‘I’ and ‘U’ are protruding for a particular reason. Before touching upon that aspect, it is important that you know about Bohiyaanam and ITS, the two companies merging to form TekGeminus!

Bohiyaanam ventured into a merger with a US-based IT company – Information Technology Solutions Corporation (ITS) that was founded in 1995. ITS was predominantly into providing business applications software development, business process re-engineering, applications portfolio maintenance, business application enhancement, and migration services. We have served several esteemed customers across three continents.

Reinvention is the crux of success and with the evolution of TekGeminus, we are absorbing the best learnings from Bohiyaanam and ITS.

So, coming back to the ‘I’ and ‘U’ in our new identity. ‘Inus’ stands for India + US. The ‘I’ in India is deep-rooted in the soil, indicating the firm ground Bohiyaanam stems from, while the ‘U’ in the US shoots upwards to signify the skyward growth.

Keep a close eye on the TekGeminus logo as it will undergo significant changes in the coming months to mirror the evolution & emergence of TekGeminus!

What’s changing and what’s not?

In the truest sense, nothing changes for our employees, customers, and stakeholders as we inculcate the best of both the cultures & business values in TekGeminus. From today onwards, we stand tall & firm on the founding blocks of TekGeminus.

Here’s wishing the happiest birthday to TekGeminus as we set ourselves for a new journey onwards and upwards to glory & success!

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