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Seamless Digital Solutions​


We are craftspeople in utilities with unparalleled expertise in Oracle Utility Application Framework (OUAF)’s Customer, Assets and Operational Technologies. We have delivered Oracle Energy & Water implementations and integrations across cloud and on-premise environments. Our 300-person global team delivers success in utilities across the board. Our partnership with Oracle puts us ahead in delivering scalable and profitable solutions. Leverage our certified talent pool and complementary marketing services to unlock your utility’s potential. Partner with Tekgeminus, achieve excellence.

Energy & Water Excellence

Effortless Customer Interaction

Our experienced team, backed by a proven track record of rapid implementations, ensures seamless deployment of billing solutions. Leverage our robust TekX platform for comprehensive digital self-service channel and exceptional customer care, transforming the way you engage with your customers. 

AI Enablement

Leverage our AI-powered chatbots supporting multiple channels and seamlessly integrating with API-First external systems such as ticketing, incident management and dashboards. Bank on our state-of-the-art AI Assistant for agents with data-driven insights.

Next-gen Smart Grid

Utilize our experience as early-on implementers of AMI interfaces including migrating to AMI2.0. Optimize your Meter Data Management (MDM) with our decade-long experience in the utility business. Leverage our expertise in advance Energy Management System with efficient migration capabilities to AMI 2.0. Ride on specialized IoT platforms for advanced services to your clients and be the first in providing affordable and automated EV solutions. Leverage our data science capabilities for energy assessments and insights for key decision making. Our big-data solutions help in identifying energy thefts as well.  

Enhanced Field Services

Equip your field technicians with our Field Service expertise driven by modern personalization experience to streamline work order management and improve operational efficiency. Leverage our highly configurable user experience that’d help your groups hit the ground running in minutes. Our solutions will be personalized commensurate to the experience of your field staff from a novice to a veteran. 

Work & Assets Optimization

Enhance your asset performance and maximize the value of your assets with our pinpointed program. Our association will help your Asset Leaders maximize the value of your assets. Learn to find risks of asset failures faster than you do today. Take action effectively without losing time and resources to investigate faults; create work orders based on the criticality of the asset and schedule the field visits; accordingly and manage and monitor work progress via dashboards. Improve your asset maintenance program by benchmarking your asset performance. This is where you can accurately plan your investment based on asset conditions. 

Network Management System

Our expertise in Network management (NMS) helps utilities safeguard workers and the public, improve restoration time and efficiency, and reduce the costs, risks, and uncertainties of energy distribution operations. We master in providing Operations Resource Management System that provides real-time data needed to efficiently, safely, and reliably operate a distribution system. You can use the system to integrate outage, switching, power flow, and work management functions into a seamless system. 

Cloud Fortification

Seamlessly migrate your utility’s tech foundation with Cloud Infrastructure. Move your most important applications to the cloud. Improve your disaster recovery strategy with full stack replication. Bring cloud benefits to more of your IT portfolio with the best hybrid cloud support. Accelerate business decisions by refreshing your data warehouse strategy. Use cloud computing to respond to your most challenging unexpected events. 

Analytics Visualization

Break data silos down with our best-in-class capabilities in analytics and visualization. Leverage our pre-defined visualizations and base calculations out-of-thebox. Consume our dashboards and pre-built visualizations to gain the ability to bypass the need for costly data manipulation and allow you to filter data on countless criteria. Compare metrics and benchmark performance against your set goals and KPIs. 

Integration Suite

Seamlessly integrate your utility applications and data with our extensive knowledge in API-first integration. Leverage this capability for converging  your data spectrum and provide appropriate information to your management, staff and customers. Easily integrate your billing system with ERP as well as with assets and operational technologies. Assist your customers integrate their self-service experience with the backbone systems. Make your IT staff’s life easy by connecting to external apps and data sources. 

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A testament to our constant dedication towards evolution in the Energy and Water Landscape

Go beyond with streamlined Kubernetes cluster troubleshooting and optimization.

Nudgebee tackles common challenges like pod failures, sluggish performance, and node restarts through automation and intelligent troubleshooting. By pinpointing inefficiencies, Nudgebee reduces costs and frees engineers from mundane tasks. Nudgebee’s autopilot features further elevate your experience by automatically scaling workloads and optimizing performance.


– Auto-heal.
– One-click fix.
– Easy-diagnosis.
– De-clutter alert noise.


– Auto-optimize under utilized
& high-cost resources.
– Improve Workload Performance.


– Automate your runbooks.
– Automated alert handling & fixing.
– No more manual cofigs.

Go Beyond with Accelerators

Seamless Data Migration


Tekgeminus offers a powerful Data Migration tool named DMX. Tekgeminus’s DMX tool simplifies data migration for Oracle C2M implementations. It helps move data between cloud and local environments, streamlining the process and reducing complexity. This translates to a smoother transition and a more efficient migration for your Oracle C2M project.

Empower Your Users - Self Service


Utilities have a hard time catering to a huge customer base with specific needs. Empower by Tekgeminus puts utility management at your fingertips. Take control of your account, view bills, track usage, and pay bills instantly – all from your phone. Set up alerts and update your info directly in the app, skipping the hassle of calling customer service. Get started with self-service and experience a smoother, more convenient way to manage your utilities.

FinHub by Tekgeminus

A Cloud-native API-first AI-powered platform or business who think digital, natively – today and tomorrow. FinHub is a data-driven tool from that empowers Utility businesses to offer innovative payment-as-a-service solutions.

Here’s what it does:

EV Charging Contracts

Facilitate event-based and automated payment distribution among vendors, suppliers, installers, etc.

Line Extension Contracts

Manage long-term deposit and refund contracts based on line-extension and utilization.

Open Order/Blanket Contracts

Enable milestone-based payment releases between DISSCOMs, Transmission Companies, and Generators.

OPEX Contracts

Automate OPEX Contracts with AMISPs and integrate payment events with ERP systems.

POBO/COBO Contracts

Handle payments and collections on behalf of external parties.

Observability, at it’s peak !

Billing Dashboard

Enables self-service for business partners. Provides drill down option from meter reads to bills printed and ability to filter by billing portion to view historic data.

Payment Dashboard

Provides a dashboard view for on-time payments, recurring payments, returns and provides options to drill down month- wise, GL wise and channel wise payments.

Monitoring Dashboard

Various monitoring scripts that avoid manual check and helps in identifying issues like Application Monitoring, Batch monitoring, tablespace alerts, critical input payment file alerts and server status/failure alerts.

Operational Dashboard

Intelligent Digital Insights on operational metrics to drive automation and problem Management.

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