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DHCP Data Migration – IP Address Management

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DHCP Data Migration – IP Address Management

A Case Study on DHCP Data Migration from MS-Windows to Solaris platform for turnkey delivery

Operational Requirements

Customer inducted an IP Address Management solution and did lab testing. Before turning the solution to production operations, it was necessary to bring all legacy DHCP data into the new platform and test it


  • Analysis of DHCP configuration formats and API to collect data
  • Analysis of DHCP configuration formats of IPAM solution and API to automate configuration upload

Solution Delivered

  • Development of scripts to extract data from MS-Windows based DHCP configurations
  • Design and development of scripts to reformat and upload data into IPAM solution
  • Development of scripts to automate the end-to-end process of data collection, reformatting, upload and verification on IPAM platform

Value Proposition

  • Migration completed in less than one week although vendor/’s original estimate was in months
  • Knowledge of programming tools with understanding of data formats helped automate repetitive tedious and error-prone tasks during data migration


  • MS-Windows 2000 and 2003 servers, Solaris
  • netsh, Perl, Shell, VitalQIP
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