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DHCP AAA Security Integration

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DHCP AAA Security Integration

A Case Study on Integration of Access Security with DHCP operations using vendor products

Operational Requirements

Customer had separate products for DHCP and AAA and required an integrated solution to grant DHCP leases only after authentication by AAA


  • Gathered overall network layout information and determine the various ways in which DHCP IP address leases were granted
  • Analyzed AAA parameters for routers
  • Analyzed DHCP IP Address Management and AAA product capabilities and their APIs

Solution Delivered

  • Developed network specific LDAP schema extensions and AAA policy flows
  • Configured IP Address Management policies to integrate with AAA product
  • Tested with multiple devices using a variety of DHCP options from DHCP client to request leases

Value Proposition

  • Fast solution delivery due to domain expertise and product knowledge
  • Cost advantages by carrying out analysis, solution design, development, testing and delivery from offshore location in India


  • Sun One Directory Server, LDAP, DHCP
  • Solaris, Linux
  • Perl, Shell, C
  • VitalQIP, VitalAAA, Juniper ERX1440, FreeRADIUS
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