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A Case Study on Technology Training delivery for interfaces development

Operational Requirements

Customer had multiple systems with SNMP and CORBA interfaces programmed in Perl and wanted to learn these technologies in the context of their systems to gain better insights for system support, upgrade planning and vendor management


  • Understood the existing environment at customer site including systems, interfaces, development platforms and current issues with vendors and upgrades
  • Prepared examples specific to customer’s situation to relate technologies more directly to their environment

Solution Delivered

  • Overview of the existing environment and issues
  • Overview of future trends in integration
  • Perl programming with hands-on exercises leading to building components of interfaces used in customer’s environment
  • SNMP v1 and v2c concepts, PDUs, SMI, OID, standard and private MIBs, generic and enterprise specific traps, ASN.1 notation to read MIB files, net-snmp package with snmptrap, snmptrapd, snmpget, snmpgetnext, snmpset, snmpwalk and snmpbulkwalk commands
  • Perl modules for SNMP trap simulation
  • Object oriented paradigm, its relation with human cognitive model, concepts of modularity, encapsulation, inheritance, messaging and polymorphism
  • CORBA concepts, IDL, IOR, BOA, POA, marshaling, Naming Service, hands-on examples in Java using JacORB, overview of TMF814 IDL, interface troubleshooting

Value Proposition

  • Context building and customized examples from customer’s operations provided a significant value of the training to the participants
  • Pointing out similarities in concepts between CORBA and SOAP/XML web services helped participants understand the concepts better
  • Customer indicated an intent to have more such training sessions considering the manner of training delivery


  • SNMP (v1, v2c), CORBA, TMF814
  • Linux, HP-UX
  • Perl, shell, Java
  • JacORB, ActiveState Perl, net-snmp
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