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Application Monitoring VSAT Network – HP OpenView

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Application Monitoring VSAT Network – HP OpenView

A Case Study on Application Availability Monitoring in a VSAT network with minimal bandwidth consumption

Operational Requirements

Customer wanted to conserve frequencies in VSAT network to maximize their usage for revenue generating calls by optimizing network management traffic. The standard solution of monitoring E1 links and critical applications in soft switch by continuous remote polling from management station was disabled, causing downtime without awareness of the problems. Customer wanted an innovative solution to reduce bandwidth of continuous polling


  • A brute force approach would involve creating a local resource monitoring application on the remote side and send a periodic heartbeat to management station in case there were no resource alarms
  • The challenge was in devising a solution to generate an alarm on management station side when the monitoring application itself died for some reason and did not send heartbeat

Solution Delivered

  • Development of local resource monitoring applications in soft switch and E1 link monitoring system
  • Innovative solution to generate alarm after a time out if no hearbeat event was received on management station

Value Proposition

  • Provided the solution concept to customer due to domain knowledge
  • Timely awareness of critical application and resource alarms in the VSAT network without consuming much bandwidth
  • Integrated solution in a multi-tier management network
  • Cost advantages of remote services from offshore location in India


  • Intel soft switch, E1 links, TCP/IP
  • Solaris, MS-Windows
  • Perl, C, Well-Behaved Application
  • HP OpenView, net-snmp
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