Composable Customer-centric Transformation with Salesforce and MuleSoft

Empowering Excellence in Energy & Utility

11:30 AM CDT
9:30 AM PST
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In today’s dynamic landscape, energy and utility companies face the dual challenge of improving customer satisfaction while optimizing operational efficiency. Join us for an insightful webinar as we delve into the digital fabric that connects energy and utility, customers, and technology. Discover how API-Led connectivity, composability, and automation can revolutionize customer onboarding and outage management using Salesforce and MuleSoft. Learn from real-world case studies and explore a reference architecture that empowers your utility.

VP - Application Development | TEKGEMINUS

Nasir Visani

Head - Solution Engineering | CelerityHat

Bikram Sen

Key Takeaways:

Customer-Centric Approach:

Understand the critical touchpoints in the utility customer lifecycle and address pain points such as broken experiences, delayed notifications, and manual processes.

Composable Transformation:

Explore the power of seamless integration, proactive real-time notifications, and streamlined automation to enhance customer interactions

Reference Architecture:

Gain insights into building a connected Energy & Utility enterprise, backed by a robust framework.